Build of Watch

Whether you are a watch connoseuir or an enthusiast finding their way, it pays to know a little more about what makes your watch tick. (pun intended)


The Duxot range uses sapphire crystal for the top lens across each Duxot timepiece. Sapphire used in watch making occurs through the crystaliation of aluminium oxide at very high temperatures.

Crafted and cut from disks each lens is sliced, cut and polished individually with diamond coated saws. Sapphire is one of the hardest substances on earth. It measures 9 on the Mohs scale which rates the relative hardness of materials. For comparison Diamond measure 10 Mohs, which is the highest rating.

This hardness makes Sapphire perhaps the best option in fabrication of luxury watches owing to the clarity of view and its durability and scratch resistance in wear.

Mechanical Automatic

Mechanical automatically wound movments help power the Duxot collection.

Each movement is an expression of centuries old ingenuity that through sheer kinetic energy commands the natural laws of motion to deliver a battery less insturment of time.


A meca quartz movement aligns the best of the modern and trational schools of watchmaking. High beat frequency movements provide the charm, style and authenticity of a sweep hand like mechanical action underpinned by the precision and reliability of quartz engineered horology


Stronger and lighter than steel, titanium when combined in various alloys becomes a remarkable material used in various highly specialized applications ranging from heavy industry to high-tech medical implants.

Utilized in watchmaking, the material serves to produce robust timepieces that are significantly lighter than steel counterparts.


That most alluring and ancient of metals. Gold is universally and historically recongnized as a symbol and store of wealth. Used in watchmaking it delivers an experience of unparalleled luxury.

Gold is that eternal of metals, truly timeless and distinct it is the perfect complement in fabrication of some our best timepieces. As a wearable heirloom, the Gold timepiece is a unique piece to build a legacy of ownership from generation to generation. We use 14K gold in our timepieces

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